Pisces Paradox

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I bet you all thought I was ignoring you.

Anonymous wrote: "im a pisces (march 13, '92) and my girlfriend is a virgo (august 27 '93), how does our future look?"

I’m cheating & using a calculator from cafeastrology.

69% Your relationship is smooth, and everything is possible. You simply need to adjust to each other and you can easily do so. It only takes a minimum of warmth and mutual understanding for your couple to function steadily in spite of some rare disagreements. You must turn your marvellous relationship into a success love story because you have all the necessary keys and assets to this end. So, go for it!

I have no idea how your future looks, but the calculator ~predicts~ you two to be rather compatible. 

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Anonymous wrote: "I'm Pisces sun with Scorpio moon & Scorpio ascendant. I'm intellectual, creative & creatively driven. I'm also pretty feminine & very selective about who I allow myself to get attached to ( I need someone sincere & that I really 'connect' with emotionally & intellectually) I'm torn bt a Libra (Mars in Cancer, Venus in Scorpio) & an Aries (Mars in Cancer, Venus in Taurus). who's a better bet?"

Personally, I lean towards the Libra, given your chart and what you provided about yourself and the two individuals. 

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Anonymous wrote: "When it comes to compatibility like family or romance, does it also apply to twins? Like a Pisces would get along with Scorpio twins?"

You mean— would a Pisces get along with both Scorpios?

I don’t see why not.
I’m not sure what twins would do to complicate this?
(I mean, I could from a psychological standpoint— but not an astrological.) 

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Anonymous wrote: "I'm a Pisces, and I really like my good friend, a male Taurus, as more than a friend-- do you think he would be upset if I wanted to be in a relationship with him? As a Taurus, does he value friendship with a Pisces or would a romantic relationship be possible?"

I believe I answered a question sort of similar to this recently? 

Regardless: A relationship between these two signs can be quite harmonious; it’s of course possible! (I know many Pisces who prefer earth signs, actually.) You ask if I think he would be upset if you wished to be in a relationship with him… Honestly, I’m finding it difficult to say. I can’t help but wonder if a Taurus would be hesitant about this, seeing as most prefer stability when it comes to relationships. I wonder if they’d be cautious about changing already-stable dynamics? However, it’s also this cautious nature that leads me to believe a Taurus would prefer to be friends before lovers. 

My opinion is typically this on the “friend-to-partner” situation: Give it a shot. I’d like to think that if your friendship is strong enough, you’ll be all right, regardless of what does or doesn’t happen. (but I could be incredibly naive for thinking this)

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Anonymous wrote: "I literally can't keep myself from scorpios. help."

oh, anon, ANON,
you have come to the wrong Pisces.