Pisces Paradox

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Anonymous wrote: "Okay.. so I'm a Pisces with commitment issues, and I always seem to fall for Aries, which sucks because I read that Pisces are too clingy for Aries, and I'm like the clingiest Pisces ever. Anyway, is that normal? For a Pisces to have commitment issues?"

I know some Aries who are quite clingy. 
(I’m a Pisces who loveloveloves Scorpios, and I often become disheartened that even if I do miraculously wind up with a Scorpio, their infamous sexdrive would be the end of it, because I consider myself demisexual. Yet, I’ve had Scorpios tell me they’re asexual. Uh, moral— there’s always exceptions.)

On commitment issues: 
Love can be very scary to Pisces. I mean, to hear a Pisces say that they’re “in love with love” isn’t all that uncommon. Pisces tend to regard love as something really important to them; so many people, I think, would initially go, “Oh! They’d be naturals at love.” In my opinion, the more dear you regard something (in this case love), the more frightening it can seem. If a person really cares about love and relationships, I think it’s likely that they might be apprehensive about it. They don’t want to mess up something so potentially precious. Does that make sense? It’s akin to the concept of, “I’m going to push this away before it pushes me away, even though I really don’t want to.” 

It wouldn’t surprise me if many Pisces have commitment issues at some point or another in their lives. 

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Anonymous wrote: "Are pisces compatible with libras relationship wise? What would their pros and cons be?"

A lot of people asking about pisces/libra combination lately! Here's a quick post on their compatibility. 

My take on the pair would be this,

• The two signs both have a liking for aesthetics; they’re often artistic, and appreciate beauty.
• The two signs tend to be humanitarians of sorts— they really enjoy helping people.
• Both signs aspire to be in sincere, intimate relationships. 
• Libra has more of a “gentle” way of bringing Pisces back into reality; this helps Pisces from always being up in the clouds. Likewise, Pisces can show a Libra that empathy is just as important as justice. 

• They tend to disagree a lot.
• Libras are more proactive than Pisces. Libras are really conversationalists, and Pisces don’t rely as much on verbal communication. Pisces usually let things sit for a while, they’re philosophical— when something is bothering them, they don’t talk about it right away. They think. Libra might “force” Pisces into talking, when they aren’t emotionally ready. 
• Many Libras feel frustrated with the “lost, slow” nature of Pisces. (Pisces are mutable signs, remember. Libras are Cardinal signs.)
• Libras like clarity! Pisces enjoy dreaminess. 

There’s certainly a lot these two signs can teach each other, but it will likely prove challenging. However, I will say out of the three air signs, I personally believe Pisces/Libra is most likely to succeed. 

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Anonymous wrote: "What would it mean if a Pisces with a Taurus midheaven felt more like a Taurus as they mature over the years? I'll technically be an adult soon, and noticed during my zodiac research that I relate a whole lot to Taurus these days despite the midheaven being the only Taurus I have in my chart. (Along with a heck load of Capricorn and Aquarius in other parts of my chart)"

All right, here’s what I think of at the top of my head.

People say that as we mature, we grow into our sun sign. So, initially, I was confused— I thought, wait. That’s not right. You should feel like more of a Pisces as you reach adulthood! But then you said you had “a heck load of Capricorn and Aquarius,” and that had me wondering… now, this could just as well be some sort of (for lack of better terms) ego defense for astrology (haha), but, here’s my take. I have no idea if anyone would agree with me— but, regardless:

Midheavens often are said to represent our “career path” or our “social path.” You could think of it as the opposite of the ascendant, though that might be problematic. If you have a lot of Capricorn in your chart, I wonder if you’d be “closely tied” to your Midheaven. Uh, let me explain how I got to this thought? Capricorns tend to be success and career oriented. I can’t help but wonder if you have this motive throughout your chart, if this would be expressed through the midheaven, in your case is Taurus. 

I don’t know if that’s too abstract to follow, but that’s honestly about the only thing I can think of. 

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Anonymous wrote: "As a Pisces, is it normal for me to be very, very involved in a fantasy world? Reality is very boring to me. Also, are a lot of Pisces creative writers [like myself]?"


& Many Pisces pursue arts of any kind; art can act as an enabler for fantasy, escapism, etc. It, of course, works as a release for Pisces’ creativity, as well as functioning as a type of therapy. (I’m a creative writer, myself)

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