Pisces Paradox


The Day Of The Reality Masters 


Strengths: Magnetic. Capable. Worldly. 
Weaknesses: Self-Unaware. Demanding. Emotionally Chaotic.

Tarot Card: The Hermit 


 Those born on February 27 are extremely insightful into the workings of the world around them. They spend a great deal of energy coming to understand the basic elements of everyday life—how things work, why people act the way they do, how to work to advantage with the environment—but this is only the beginning. From this solid reality base, February 27 people allow their questioning spirits to explore outward to social, international and universal spheres as well. Because they build solidly at each step of the way, they can confidently count on the wisdom they have culled from experience to see them through new and perhaps increasingly ambitious endeavors.

The greatest difficulties for February 27 people usually surface in their personal lives. Because they are extremely demanding individuals, and also since their intuitive choices in relationships are often not the most suitable for them to say the least, they can have tumultuous and often chaotic love lives. For some reason, for all of their understanding of the world and their capacity to make their way in it, they often know surprisingly little about themselves, other than what they think they want. To learn the difference between what they want and what they truly need is an important distinction for them to grasp and one which they hopefully make sooner rather than later in life. By satisfying their true needs they can, of course, find greater emotional stability and happiness. Too often they feel that their problems can be solved by another person, and put much too much energy into their romantic love lives, instead of seeking the solutions to their needs at a deeper level inside themselves. Given their emotional makeup, it is unlikely that those born on this day will experience much “downtime” between relationships, but an extended period alone could actually do them some good. Because of their thoughtful and sensitive nature, they should be able to accomplish much personal growth without outside help.

February 27 people are happiest when they can let their minds roam freely over a wide variety of subjects, and generally demand friends and mates who are also intellectually active. Those born on this day often struggle with their social environment in an attempt to somehow master it or perhaps redirect it. Their urge to dominate is very strong and because their magnetic powers are among the strongest in the entire year, they must be extremely careful not to overwhelm everyone around them.

If February 27 people lose moral direction they have a great potential for bringing destruction on themselves and others. Their capacity for not only seeing the truth but also bringing what they desire to pass, through a rare combination of empathy and willpower, presents them with great ethical and moral challenges.

“Necessity” is a relative term 

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