Pisces Paradox

vangoghsdaughter wrote: "Pisces sun, Libra moon, Cancer rising?"

Firstly, if you don’t mind my saying so, I personally think you sound rather charming. c: In a sweet way, to be sure, but charming nonetheless. 

So, the first thing that I think of with this combination is romance. You  don’t just breathe romance, you probably ooze it— a hopeless romantic.   This combination would suggest an individual who really desires a relationship, and feels incomplete without a partner. Therefore, this type of individual would probably have the goal of finding the “ultimate relationship.” You want to feel understood, complete, accepted, and secure. 

You seem like a “do-gooder.” Not so much a conscious decision, but you just have a tendency to… as I said, do good. There’s a definite affinity for humanity as a whole, with the tendency to help and give. You’re probably a pushover, and very passive. Part of it, however, probably stems from wanting to “keep peace” and/or “avoid conflict.” You probably seem innocent to a lot of people, though I think you’d deny such a characteristic. You probably know and acknowledge much, but it doesn’t seem to “taint your spirit.” Does that make any sense?

I actually keep thinking back to the description of the INFP, if you’re familiar with MBTI. 

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