Pisces Paradox

piscesapplelady-deactivated2014 wrote: "So, I'm really attracted to Virgos. I have no idea why because things usually end up going wrong (or they have the for the last three Virgos I've dated). Can you advise on how to try and make a Pisces/Virgo relationship work? (Or at least work better?) Thanks!"

Okay, so, Pisces and Virgo are opposing signs. Generally speaking? Things tend to go wrong between these two signs. They have a hard time understanding one another’s world. Virgo lives in a world of facts and logic— where Pisces is a gentle dreamer. This can leave both individuals very drained and exhausted, as it can become very difficult to communicate. 

If you want a relationship between these two to work, I would say the two have to learn to, well, learn from each other. There’s a lot here Pisces can learn from Virgo, and a lot Virgo can learn from Pisces. For example, Pisces can learn to be more realistic— and Virgo can learn to be more spiritual. However, it’s important that the two individuals learn to communicate differently with one another. 

You see, Virgos have a tendency to be very critical, and this can destroy a Pisces’ confidence. And, a Pisces generally allows themselves to be bullied by the Virgo and their dreams wind up crushed. So, if Virgo were to be a little softer, and Pisces a little more back-boned, it might be a more successful relationship. 

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